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 My ee2 history ;)

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Number of posts : 1659
Registration date : 2009-08-12

PostSubject: My ee2 history ;)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:01 pm

I bought ee2 a little after it came out maybe 2 months. I played ee1 at the time and was actually pretty good online and so i decided to move on to ee2. On ee2 i started out and had a little raw skill due to playing ee1. But Ee1 was nothing like ee2. I was on my own, never in any clans until early 06. I was in a clan called =FU= led by the famous BigB and a one or two others. It was a really big clan and not to bad either. After that, I left FU after about 5 months and joined a clan called (1x1). This is where I became friends with my favorite person in the history of ee2, Selket. I stayed in 1x1 for 3-4 months, but then roadkill and giant quit ee2. I then left 1x1 for a clan called ~Spec~ since selket joined it. Tk aloud me in thankfully and I was in it until my comp just died. I was out of ee2 for about 4 months or so and came back and ~E|C~BoneCrusher was on. He let me in EC but I nvr saw him on again. Soon after that I joined a clan called G$G. My name there was **G$G**PurpleJoker. There is where i improved at 5-5 a little.(I sucked at med pace so bad) After a while Nosferatu started a clan named Sith. Sith was made up of nos, duke, me, coke, hawk, bane, and killtact. We were pretty good but then nos got arrested and had to quit ee2 obviously. This is where Skill was invented. Kill, duke, grendel(U$g died a few weeks before skill started),Me, and 1 or 2 others I can't remember jioned skill. After a while I was tired of skill and applied for SOW with joeyhill. I was turned down Sad. I then applied for TcO, I got in. TcO is the best clan in ee2 history by far Wink. Somewhere in all this I forget where I was in Eeg under the name Blood trinity, but that was when ASE and Joeyhill were theleaders and it died obviously.I was also in O| for a while before quitting ee2 for 2 months or so. Eh after TcO I went back to skill, thats when gooby was in it. I left.. again and was permantly banned from skill. I then went to SOW and found a great home there. I liked EVERYONE in it. I left SOW due to the crappy timezones and never being able to play with them. I then Created the best smurf clan ever with a few others! It was known as =|FsA|=, The leaders were me,pwn,bane,and someone else( I can't remember atm) Gooberman then joined in it, along with redline, spidy, and coke. That died then I quit ee2 for around 4-5 months. When i came back I was pretty good again and Joined GgC. Left due to inacctivity on ee2 Sad. Went back to skill even though i was banned( Don't know how :/). Joined Stealth with zappy,gooby,ahri,facked,max. I was also teaching Ahriman around then, she was better than my old student. After that I was in skill again? i think. Now I'm in Eeg and don't plan on changing that Wink
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Number of posts : 1659
Registration date : 2009-08-12

PostSubject: Re: My ee2 history ;)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:03 pm

Sorry, Look in goobers topic he already made one
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My ee2 history ;)
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